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NEW WINTER HOURS– Open Every Day 10 to 5

Fall Is For Planting!

Our “2nd Spring” has arrived, and it’s time to plant nearly everything– Cool-season vegetables, herbs, cool-season bedding plants, Spring-blooming bulbs, garlic bulbs, cover crops, Fall-blooming perennials, landscape plants, shade trees, California native plants, and seeds! It’s also a great time to add compost to flower and veggie beds, apply fall fertilizer, and perform fall lawn care and garden cleanup.

Cool-Season Annuals

Plant cool-season color and enjoy it all the way through early spring.

Cool-Season Vegetables & Herbs

Growing your own food? From certified-organic seeds, vegetables and herb starts to fruit trees, we’ve got you covered.

Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Plant daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and other available bulbs in Fall and be rewarded with a burst of Spring color!

Plants & Provisions

  • Certified-Organic Seeds

  • Certified-Organic Potting Soils

  • Certified-Organic Soil Amendments

  • Certified-Organic Vegetable & Herb Starts

  • Certified-Organic Pesticides

  • Certified-Organic Fertilizers

  • Unique, Heirloom & Cottage Garden Plants

  • Deciduous Fruit Trees

  • Dwarf Citrus

  • Vines

  • Shrubs & Trees

  • Chicken Coops

  • Air Plants

  • Succulents

  • Houseplants & Terrarium Supplies

  • Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants

  • Tools

  • Gardening Books

  • Biodegradable Pots

  • Artisan-Made Pottery

  • Glassware

  • Statuary & Decor

  • Jewelry

  • Greeting Cards & Gifts

  • Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees

  • Plant Foundry Gift Cards!

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“A lovely nursery in the heart of Oak Park.”

They have everything you could want both indoor and outdoor including stylish patio furniture, succulents, air plants, plant accessories and fertilizer to food crops, pots, etc. It is also such an enjoyable space to be in with helpful staff.” – Kara O., Sacramento