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Our Team

Angela Pratt
Angela PrattOwner-Operator
Angela earned a degree in Environmental Horticulture & Urban Forestry from UC Davis and has decades of experience gardening in Sacramento’s USDA Zone 9b/Sunset Zone 14.
Michael Lawrence
Michael LawrenceManager
Michael earned a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from American River College and has years of retail nursery experience.
Chris Botts
Chris BottsSupervisor
Chris is pursuing a B.S. degree in Horticulture from Oregon State University, and a Minor in Business, while working full-time at the nursery.
Zoe Whigham
Zoe WhighamSupervisor
Raised in the redwoods of Mendocino, Zoe came to Sacramento to earn her psychology degree at CSUS and plans to incorporate horticultural therapy into her studies. Her parents are both horticulturists and she’s been around plants all her life, having worked at her family’s business, Digging Dog Nursery in Albion, CA.
Eileen Lynch
Eileen LynchSales Specialist
Eileen has been gardening in East Sacramento for decades. She is a master deadheader, and stays up on the latest news around town, gardening and otherwise.
Cheryl Hawes
Cheryl HawesSales Specialist
Cheryl is a lifetime gardener, an avid backyard birder, and tends a wondrous garden in Carmichael, CA… complete with dogs, chickens and deer.
Greg Howes
Greg HowesSales Specialist
Greg is a longtime Sacramento gardener, owns a company that makes artisan chicken coops, and has a great eye for adding finishing touches to gardens using herbs, decor and color.

We Are Here To Serve You


The Plant Foundry Nursery & Store serves Sacramento’s vibrant Oak Park community, and is a fun destination nursery for people who love edible and ornamental plants, artisan goods, organic gardening, quality tools, supplies and gifts. We want our customers to feel welcome, relaxed and inspired.


The Plant Foundry is a place where the art and science of gardening work together; a place where city living hasn’t forgotten country life. The Plant Foundry recognizes that no matter how close to the urban core one lives– plants, people and wildlife are all part of the same community.

We are committed to sharing our love and knowledge of plants with people at all stages of the gardening journey, from complete beginner to avid gardener. We may be trained horticulturists with demanding standards, but we haven’t forgotten the simple joy of sprouting our first sunflower in a Dixie cup. Or keeping our first apartment patio plant alive. Or sharing a laugh and a cutting or two with a neighbor over the back fence.

Gardening means different things to different people. For some, it’s about the satisfaction of doing good, hard, sweaty work. For others, “to garden” means parking it in a lounge chair while lifting nothing but a book and a beverage.

At times, the garden is a place of community and celebration. It’s also a place where our cats lounge and our dogs reign supreme; or maybe the other way around.

At The Plant Foundry, we want to share the joy gardening brings to us, and we want to help you find bliss in your own garden.